Tips on How to Secure Proprietary Information when Sharing Files

05 Jan

Cybercrime has become a menace with resilient masterminds. Cybercriminals devote their time to steal proprietary information, funds from financial institutions and cause malicious damage through software malware. Businesses should ensure they embrace developing technology and constantly train employees and customers on how to remain secure at all times. As outlined in this article, there are a few vital tips that an organization can embrace to ensure their intellectual property and business is secure from cybercriminals. 

A good place to start for online file sharing security is adopting the cloud data storage and sharing podium. Cloud has put certain measures in place to ensure the files of their clients are safe. For instance, files hosted on the cloud cannot be shared through the internet of things - Iot unless it goes through the Fog Nodes. This mechanism provides a higher level of security. Users of the cloud storage can also enhance security by using two-step verification. This means that the user has to use different levels to verify they are genuine. For instance, other than providing a password, the system may send the user a verification password on their phone to use to verify their status. 

There are other general tips that a firm will stand to benefit if they implement. For starters, the server of a firm can use an IP address to identify the authenticity of a user. Such that if the user uses an unlisted IP address the system automatically denies access. The most common security measure that employees, proprietors, and customers can adopt is using a strong password and changing them often. This is an important measure because it will force the hackers to keep trying to crack new passwords a process that takes a very long time if the password is strong. 

Another important tip to remember is to desist from accessing proprietary information from open source networks. Such networks provide minimal security and are accessible to anybody.  It is also important for users to avoid saving files and passwords on the same system or servers. In the event that a hacker stills information from a server that is encrypted, the will not have a use for this information if they have access to the passwords. Visit also storing documents online for more details.

For maximum security, the organization should ensure that their proprietary file is encrypted at every level. File that is in motion is better protected by strong encryption protocols such as the FTPS and SFTP. These protocols distort files while they are in motion so interceptors will not be able to understand the content of the file. Files should equally be encrypted when they rest on the servers so that they are fully protected.

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